Jul 17 • 36M

Utopian Madness

“. . . the newspapers of Utopia, he had long ago decided, would be terribly dull.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek
I comment on free speech, protecting our children, and exposing the lies of the media, exploring the big picture through a personal lens, offering insight into this dystopian era. “Karen is one of the most astute writers [today.]" Trish Wood
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As I move forward with writing two essays, one on the coming world war and the other on the harvesting of humans’ body parts and minds in the gods’ search for longevity and even immortality, I thought it important to republish this essay from September 2021. It is perhaps my most comprehensive essay exposing the abuse being inflicted on humanity, written well before Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Malone about mass formation psychosis.


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