Jul 6 • 42M

The Perfect Little Town

A Woke Fairytale

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Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek
I comment on free speech, protecting our children, and exposing the lies of the media, exploring the big picture through a personal lens, offering insight into this dystopian era. “Karen is one of the most astute writers [today.]" Trish Wood
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Character book: Lords, Dukes and the Ghost by ash_knight17

I am slowly but surely recording all of my essays. Here’s one I wrote a year ago, not long after I first started writing on Substack. Sit back, close your eyes, and listen…

There once was a perfect little town. The houses were all painted a soft shade of gray and looked the same, so no people felt left out. There were numbers on the doors, so no people got confused. There were no parents and there were no children. There were no men and there were no women.

All such divisive labels had been dropped long ago.

There were people. And they were all united as one. There were no reasons to feel jealous or sad. There were no reasons to feel anything at all, except when watching the screens…

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