Luxor Boxing Girls! In 2018, I formed the first (and only) boxing club for girls in Luxor, Egypt, where I was living at the outbreak of the ‘pandemic.’

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“They said, 'You are a savage and dangerous woman.' I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous.” – Nawal El Saadawi


I was banned from Twitter for 8 months and am now reinstated @karenalainehunt The essay that probably got me banned was The People's Medicine vs Merck's Billion $ Pill.

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Short Bio:

Karen Hunt is the author/illustrator of 19 children’s books, co-founder of InsideOUT Writers, founder of My World Project, and the author of the YA Fantasy series, NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES and the sci-fi novel LUMINARIA: Tales of Earth & Oran, Love & Revenge. She is the award-winning author of numerous essays and articles, exploring this dystopian era. Her work has been published in ZeroHedge; Off-Guardian; American Greatness; NAILED MAGAZINE; Egyptian Streets to name a few.

Karen’s essays explore whatever topics interest her, from technology, to geopolitics, to science, to space travel, you name it. She often interweaves stories from her childhood and travels and delves into deeper questions about faith and God and her own personal journey as a follower of Jesus. Her hope is that her essays will be read by people of all faiths and also those who say they have none.

She is a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a full contact boxer and kick boxer and started the first (and only) boxing club for girls in Luxor, Egypt. In the 1980s, Karen lived between London and a village in Yugoslavia, experiencing communism first-hand. She was living in Egypt when the pandemic struck. Life in the villages of Luxor went on as usual while mass hysteria seemed to strike everyone back home in the United States. That’s when Karen started looking deeper into the lies and manipulations of the media and began writing about it.

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Now, more than ever, we are increasingly confined into small spaces both physically and mentally, in order to be safe. While in Luxor, Egypt, I watched in dismay as people back in the United States so easily gave in to the lies of the media. Living in villages where the ideas of wearing a mask or social distancing were never taken seriously, nor were the villagers glued to social media twenty-four seven, gave me a unique perspective that has influenced my writing. If I hadn’t been watching the news back home, I would never have known a ‘pandemic’ was sweeping the world. Life went on as normal.

As a writer, martial artist and seeker of truth, I have lived my life refusing to be imprisoned by fear and lies. As a result, I’ve been ghosted, threatened and de-platformed. And I still won’t shut up. Writing on Substack has been a wonderful experience, where for the first time, I have been able to speak without threats of being silenced.

One gentleman recently expressed the sentiments of many of my readers: “I cannot fully articulate how profoundly your words sifted through material I had assumed to be only my most private thoughts. Uncanny. I want to laugh and cry simultaneously. I am weeping and yet rejoicing. Both my conscious and subconscious thoughts have been heard and acknowledged.”

Above all else, my desire is to inspire others to stand up and speak out—and Break Free.

Break Free with Karen Hunt is a reader-supported publication. Please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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I publish roughly 5 to 6 essays/articles a month. I record each piece so that those who prefer to listen can do so. I periodically write a Break Free Update covering some of the most interesting stories of the month. I also write one inspirational essay per month. We all need as much inspiration as we can get! I share my interviews and podcast appearances with my subscribers.

In May 2022, I started paid subscriptions. I do not have a paywall. Without the help of my paid subscribers, I would not be able to spend the many hours necessary to do the deep research for my essays, nor would I be able to make my work available to everyone. This is really important to me. I fight everyday against the algorithms that have placed us into echo chambers. Paywalls are one more way that they keep us separated from each other. It’s hard enough to get people to read something. Putting my work behind a paywall simply enhances that chamber even further, ensuring that only people who agree will read it.

Here’s an example of my inspirational essays: No Greater Love than This.

Here is one of my most important essays: Utopian Madness

One of my favorite essays: The Bloodsuckers

One that illustrates my commitment to research: A Tattoo Tale

Here is the Break Free Update March 2023

An example of how I expose the lies of the media (not always just on one side) can be found in Deep Fakes & False Flags


Teaching creative writing at Barry J. Nidorff Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles

I am here because I have consistently been canceled by both far right and far left, told I should shut up and my writing did not matter.

Today, we see played out before our eyes, how the experts remain entrenched in their positions of power, blaming everyone but themselves, even as the world crumbles around us. I am not sure we can stop this inevitable march of madness, but I was taught by my parents that you don’t fight because you think you will get a favorable outcome, you fight because it is the right thing to do.

In 1996, I co-founded a creative writing program in Los Angeles for incarcerated youth. You can find out more about it in this Los Angeles Times article. I worked with youth who were facing life sentences for serious crimes. As the program became more successful, it was taken over by Hollywood elite. I was not a part of that world, nor did I want to be and so, I was pushed out. During those years, until I was ousted in 2005, I got an education in the “underbelly of the nonprofit world”. Charity seems to be one more way for the elite to justify passing money around in their little circle without it actually going anywhere.

One of my original students, Silvia Sanchez, received twenty-five years to life sentence for a murder committed by her older, abusive boyfriend. Naively, I had thought if I could speak the right words at her trial, she would receive a fair sentence. But the wheels of “justice” had been set in motion long before the trial took place. There would be no justice for Silvia and others like her who were simply pawns in a government (neither left or right, but both sides, since nothing ever changes) built on imprisoning the masses while benefiting the elites. We now see that system spreading to imprison any and all who dare to question their rights as free citizens.

Silvia and I remained friends for over twenty years while she was in prison. On the day Trump was voted president in 2016, she was released.

That night, I attended a party with her entire family. It was a joyous event and such a remarkable story of courage and determination that I wanted to write about it. When I went to a highly regarded women’s writers’ community on Facebook and asked advice about it, I was mobbed and bullied by the "woke" writers and editors who had completely taken over the space. It wasn’t enough that the elite had tried to silence me all those years before, now I was being told by fellow writers I did not have the right to speak. After all, I was white. I tried to explain it was our story, it had nothing to do with skin color, but that just made it worse. I did not even have the right to be her friend. In fact, I had no right to have started that writing program in the first place. I had probably prevented a person of color from having the chance to start a program. I was toxic. I had caused more harm than good. I was a danger and needed to check my white privilege, just shut up, get back in my corner. I was such a pasty-faced Karen.

I had approached an editor at the Washington Post who loved the story but didn't think I was the one to tell it. Why? Because I was white. She suggested that I give over all my contacts and information about Silvia to her so she could find an appropriate writer to tell Silvia’s story. The fact that I thought I could write this story as a white woman was deeply troubling.

I didn't give over all my info and contacts, and I gave up on writing the story. When COVID struck, I began questioning the lies on social media, and again, I was shut down as plague-ridden, a conspiracy theorist, a danger to society, etc. Whereas before it had been difficult to get published, it now became impossible.

By this point, like many others, I was fed up. I was angry. I’d had enough. I stopped being hopeful that someone somewhere would look past bias and see the strength of my writing and judge me on that alone. It was never going to happen in the mainstream publishing world.

This was incredibly liberating! From then on, I threw caution to the wind and started writing completely from my heart, without holding back on my convictions.

I started My World Project, connecting kids around the world through art and writing. This is in village Tiisardmine, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Once I found Substack, I took a deep breath and plunged in. Basically, starting from scratch. It’s been a worthwhile experience. I’ve realized there is a whole world of writers out there who are speaking out as well. It is like a tidal wave. And there’s a world of people who are hungry for well-researched, thought-provoking essays. Making connections with new readers, interacting in intelligent discussions not driven by fear and hysteria has been the greatest gift of all.

Ironically, in a time when censorship is at an all-time high, I’m thankful to have found a platform where I am free of censorship and my voice can be heard.


My family in Moscow, 1966 (I’m the shorter girl on the left)

I grew up in an unusual family. In 1966, at the age of ten, my dad heard the voice of God telling him to leave his successful business career and become a writer. He sat our family of six down in our house in the Los Angeles suburbs and announced that we were going to travel the world so he could gain inspiration for his books. Thus began an incredible journey taking us to fifty countries, consisting of wild adventures such as escaping out of Egypt right before the 6 Day War, living in a 17th century Swiss castle and smuggling Bibles into communist countries. We had tough times, where we lost everything, however, my dad, Dave Hunt, went on to become one of the most influential evangelical Christian writers of the 1980s.

I am forever grateful to my childhood experiences and the example of my parents. I rebelled against my upbringing quite a lot and to this day, I do not agree with everything I was taught. But it isn’t necessary to agree with everything in order to love and respect someone—something people seem to have forgotten these days.

I interweave some of my childhood adventures in with my essays. And example of this is my essay Into the World. I continued traveling as an adult, after my three children were grown up, and in the course of my life have lived in communist Yugoslavia, England, Switzerland, France, Egypt and the United States.

Now is not the time to be silent. I have come to believe we truly are in a battle between good and evil and we need to be willing to fight, especially for our children. So many have fought for freedom throughout history, even to the point of giving up their lives. I want to encourage people to be courageous, informed—and to live a healthy life! An example of my writing on this topic can be found in my recent essay, The Forced Medication of All Citizens.

What I see happening to our children is truly criminal. In my essay, Empire of Deceit, I write about how millions of parents have willingly offered their children on the altar of Big Pharma and how we must not grow complacent and think we can escape without standing up. Truly, mRNA vaccines are the gateway drugs to universal addiction and the transformation of our children into the "Internet of Bodies."

Break Free!

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Break Free with Karen Hunt is a reader-supported publication. Please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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I stand for free speech, protecting our children, and exposing the lies of the media. My essays explore the big picture through a personal lens, offering insight into this dystopian era.


I'm a writer/artist/kickboxer, who started the 1st boxing club for girls in Luxor, Egypt. I write about the big picture through a personal lens, exposing the lies of the media. Trust in God. BE FEARLESS NO SURRENDER.