Apr 10 • 35M

The Ringmaster, The Mercenary & the Fortune Teller

How Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink and Dr. Harari promote the idea of a “good creation.”

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Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek
I comment on free speech, protecting our children, and exposing the lies of the media, exploring the big picture through a personal lens, offering insight into this dystopian era. “Karen is one of the most astute writers [today.]" Trish Wood
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Klaus Schwab

A glorious Sunday morning to everyone!

I am happy to have finished this latest essay, a deep dive into the controversial topic of eugenics. Connecting all the dots made for a comprehensive overview of how eugenics has not left us, far from it.

Many of you have asked me to write about Klaus Schwab and the WEF. I resisted this for a long time. I didn’t want to reduce the topic to some caricature, as so often happens. I found it enlightening to look into the pasts of not only Schwab, but Fink and Harari, and tie them all together. I hope you will find it enlightening, too.

Thank you for listening!

Here is a link to the written essay.

Larry Fink

Yuval Noah Harari