Suicides connected to Luna/Terra Crash & my Essay on Bitcoin

This is really tragic! Since publishing Bitcoin: The Dirty Business of Clean Energy early this morning, I’ve been made aware of 8 confirmed suicides connected with the downfall of Luna and Terra. I recognize that my perspective isn’t always the popular one and many will resist what I have written here. Truth is never popular. It makes one uncomfortable. It sears the soul.

My heart goes out to those who put their trust in a new kind of “money” and the “gurus” who promote it. This is why I write! My prayer is that people will read (or listen) to what I’ve written with an open mind, and these words will plant seeds of reflection that will lead to action. I spent many hours researching this essay and I am really feeling the effects of this recent news. I wish I could do more! It’s frustrating!

I want to thank you all for your support and for passing on this important information. God Bless you!

Please read and share Bitcoin: The Dirty Business of Clean Energy. Who knows, it may save someone incalculable suffering.

Thank you!

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