Really? The Media finally catches up with me warning about DNA testing.


I’ve been saying it over and over. DO NOT TEST!

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Imagine how frustrating this is to me! I’ve been warning people about this since 2021. You will find comprehensive information about this topic in WAR, published December 2021


Excerpt here:

Professor Guo Jiwei of the third military medical university of the CCP, wrote a seminal book in which he spoke about "the war on the right to life." His premise was that in order to succeed in the future battlefield, the struggle for "birth right" needs to be realized, and the focus should be on the new battlefield of "biological territory."

Guo Jiwei states: "biotech will be positioned in the battlefield of the human body itself, targeted at people, limited to people, where it can attack parts or fractions of the human body, accurate to specific biological characteristics ..."

And again: "biosensors or controllers can be implanted in the human body or in vitro to keep commanders informed about the combatant's combat position, health status, combat capability, emotional response, and so on, so that they can truly be confidants or confidants….if it is possible for military biotechnology to improve and promote human capabilities, it can overcome the shortcomings of the soldier's own physical intelligence and become an 'all-powerful warrior'.”

What is this biological territory he is talking about? What is this birthright? How is it being captured and without a single shot being fired?

The prize is DNA. And it is being collected in the millions all around the world.

And The Nefarious Goal Behind Covid Testing, published January 2022


Bill Evanina who stepped down in 2021 from his position as the top counterintelligence official in the U.S., a veteran of both the FBI and CIA, was so concerned by BGI's COVID testing proposals, and who would ultimately get the data, that he authorized a rare public warning: "Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from covid tests."

Evanina describes these Covid tests as the “Trojan Horse” invading our shores.

Supervisory Special Agent Edward You is a former biochemist turned FBI investigator: They are building out a huge domestic database. And if they are now able to supplement that with data from all around the world, it's all about who gets the largest, most diverse data set. And so, the ticking time bomb is that once they're able to achieve true artificial intelligence, then they're off to the races in what they can do with that data.

Jon Wertheim: You're saying biggest data set wins?

Edward You: Correct.

Think of DNA as the ultimate treasure map, a kind of double-helixed chart containing the code for traits ranging from our eye color to our susceptibility to certain diseases. If you have 10,000 DNA samples, scientists could possibly isolate the genetic markers in the DNA associated with, say, breast cancer. But if you have 10 million samples, your statistical chances of finding the markers improve dramatically, which is why China wants to get so much of it. 

Edward You: What happens if we realize that all of our future drugs, our future vaccines, future health care are all completely dependent upon a foreign source? If we don't wake up, we'll realize one day we've just become health care crack addicts and someone like China has become our pusher.

Bill Evanina: Personal data. Current estimates are that 80% of American adults have had all of their personally identifiable information stolen by the Communist Party of China. 

The concern is that the Chinese regime is taking all that information about us - what we eat, how we live, when we exercise and sleep - and then combining it with our DNA data. With information about heredity and environment, suddenly they know more about us than we know about ourselves and, bypassing doctors, China can target us with treatments and medicine we don't even know we need. 

Edward You: Think about the dawn of-- the Internet of Things and the 5G networks and the-- and smart homes and smart cities. There are going to be sensors everywhere. It's gonna be tracking your movement, your behavior, your habits. And ultimately, it's gonna have a biological application, meaning that based on the data that gets collected, they'll be able to analyze that and look at improving your health. That data becomes incredibly relevant and very, very valuable.

Jon Wertheim: You're describing data almost as-- as a commodity.

Edward You: Data is absolutely gonna be the new oil. 

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