In an obvious Madison Avenue public relations photo-shoot, we observe President Zelenskyy examining a military map, displaying force dispositions - men and materiel for The Ukraine, including US-NATO-UK soldiers and Russian forces, as they understand it.

President Zelenskyy comes with no education in military affairs, nor any direct battle experience, nor running a war against a foreign state. The Russian President does [have some of these]. Such photos treats us as fools and is equivalent to a rank amateur studying a chess board, up against a chess grand master. The grand masters of real war? Russia and only Russia.

Zelenskyy transitioned from B-grade entertainer to high-stakes gambler in an existential war of state survival, while knowing nothing of it. Reported to be surrounded by MI6 and CIA "protection" to prevent that unpredictable lurch sidewards [his drug addiction is known], an easy thing when you are under much stress whilst Western Mainstream Media compare you to Winston Churchill, further evidence that we are treated as fools.

Zelenskyy will hope to slink out of town like an out of work Actor of whose present gig audiences lost interest. Problem. Some very important people are not happy with current outcomes, nor with him. The Banshees require sacrifice and somewhere out there is an empty body bag. Retiring to that sunny Mediterranean coastline off Tel Aviv to write his memoirs will not figure in their constellation of acceptable outcomes.

Zelenskyy has the appearances of a construction of Western Intelligence Agencies and their public relations managers.

As for their US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War over the lives of the poor Ukrainian people to brink down the Russian state and expropriate its rich resources, that has failed. An existential crisis for The Western Thought Leadership.

Examined here in more detail . .. . https://les7eb.substack.com

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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as well!

We can accept that the Holocaust happened while also understanding that many lies have been told about it throughout the years. We can also admit that numbers have been inflated, stories tergiversated and that it was not the end-all-be-all of human cruelty and war. Misha Defonseca didn't camp with the wolves, Herman Rosenblatt didn't have an angel passing him food through the concentration camp gates, and Binjamin Wilkomirski was never even in a camp. They're fraudulent grifters. The "human skin-bound" books and lampshades were all later determined to be made out of veal skin and the math behind how quickly the bodies were processed through the gas chambers makes no sense. We can say "yes, the Holocaust happened" without being everlasting slaves to the warmongering ethnonationalist tribal state that is Israel. We can understand the Holocaust and what it entailed without having our children subjected to its history every single year in the public education system with no mention of the Holodomor, the Chinese Famine and countless other atrocities happening every day around the world. Sadly, espousing any of the opinions in this paragraph will get you labeled a "Holocaust denier" crazy conspiracy theorist.

We can be empathetic while maintaining our critical thinking abilities.

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It is as if an evil spell has truly fallen over so much of the world. I guess it is because the spirits of evil are running the world. The evil which controlled the past, even though the tyrannical humans died still continue. I am reminded of the words “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” How exactly……..

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I can't like this enough times. Everything you've said, I agree with 100%.

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

I could not watch the speech. Among the many deplorable acts our government has engaged in over the centuries, and there have been many, paying homage to this man ranks among the very worse, in my opinion. Sadly, what is going on sort of behinds the scenes in Ukraine is as bad as, or worse than, the human atrocities. The government is copying from the playbook used when the USSR collapsed and Western capitalists were invited in to buy Russia's natural resources and state-owned properties at pennies on the dollar, resulting in a vast draining of Russian wealth from the collapsed country. This same thing is happening in Ukraine, where Zelensky is selling Ukrainian assets under cover of war. That's one reason why the war will not be allowed to end anytime soon, as it takes time to broker all these nefarious deals.

So, not only are we financing the Ukrainian government, we are enabling Western mega-corporations to buy Ukrainian assets and drain Ukrainian capital from the country. And, to be sure, much of billions of dollars in "aid" will end up boomeranging right back to those same uber-corporations among the donor parasite class in this country. This is a rich man's game, and we can't even begin to find a way to end it.

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

Merry Christmas to all!!

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

Thank you for writing that.

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

Wow! Perfectly said and incredibly powerful. Thank you! 🙏

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

The powers that be have used the American flag for years as a propaganda tool to emotionally control its citizens. Now they use the Ukraine flag for the same purpose. My blood is boiling and my heart is breaking. A country with so much potential and God given blessings has been destroyed by evil monsters, aided by citizens too stupid to care.

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Merry Christmas, Karen! Blessings to you and yours.

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Ukraine was once part of the Khazarian country. They worshipped Ba-al.

Offered children and attacked everyone who lived around their country. That was once.

They changed their “religion” from Ba-al to the Jewish faith. But they still were very cruel and wanted to control the world.

Well, they did. And now we all see what they are capable of. They say that they are Jews, but that’s just pretending.

They aren’t, they still worship Baal, Satan, Yaldeboath.

So if we understand what is really going on in our world, we become stronger.

And we are in need to become truth.

And true love.

That’s our strength.

And then we will win.

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I believe that Israel is the Rothschilds' human shield.

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Karen there is a mountain of evidence including 72 books now banned on Amazon and dozens of documentaries banned on You Tube that are still available on alternative websites (Castle Hill publishers for books and Bitchute for documentaries) that prove beyond doubt that both the Holocaust and Anne Frank's diaries are hoaxes.

For example why did Churchill and Roosevelt make no mention of a Holocaust in their memoirs and why do many countries have laws preventing this the only single event in history that it is illegal to be questioned or denied? It is self evident.

If the truth gets out that the Holocaust is a hoax the reputation of the Jewish community is toast and this is why they must protect the lie at all costs including building so called Holocaust museums and memorials all over the world funded by tax payers and then march the school children through for their dose of White guilt and indoctrination.

Just like the CO2 and COVID-19 lies the lie must be repeated over and over and over until it takes on a life of its own where the facts don't matter and the lie becomes the accepted truth and anyone who questions it is a "denier".

The following are some points and questions I think are important.

1 - Why is it that the alleged Holocaust is the most important event of WW2 history according to Western media?

2 - Why is it that the 6 million Jews that were allegedly killed in the Holocaust in World War 2, a war that killed more than 60 million, are the primary and almost exclusive group in history that we are supposed to feel remorse for while events like the Holodomor (Ukrainian famine) 1932/33 and the fire bombing of Dresden and Tokyo in WW2 get little or no recognition?

3 - Why do many countries including Australia (hate speech laws) have laws that prosecute and in some cases jail people who are revisionist and/or question or deny the Holocaust occurred?

4 - Why did Amazon ban 72 books on Holocaust revisionism?

5 - Why are there no photographs of the Holocaust gassings or German involvement in a Jewish extermination event? All the photographs of alleged concentration camp and Jewish dead are of Allied troops disposing of the bodies after the war ended. You must remember the Allied Army had bombed German supply lines including food and medicine. The camps were labour camps as American Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 after Hitler declared Jews a threat to Germany. Remember Japanese Americans were put in camps also but they didn't have a war going on around them. Hitler subsequently agreed for Jews to leave Germany (Transfer Agreement) for Palestine including their wealth and possessions. British German speaking historian David Irving has a 1,000 British Pound reward never claimed after 40 years for anyone with photographic evidence of Nazi involvement in the Holocaust.

6 - The Germans were known for meticulous record keeping but there has never been any documentation ever found of any plan to exterminate Jews.

7 - Why is there no mention of the Holocaust, Nazi gassings or planned extermination of the Jews in the documentation and memoirs of Churchill or Roosevelt? Answer is because the Holocaust was manufactured after the war to gain sympathy and financial gain for world Jewry that would lead to the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948.

8 - The Red Cross stated at the end of World War 2 the number of Jews in Europe was almost identical before and after the war. Many books like 'Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil" written by a Jew Gerard Menuhin shows these documents in his book. All this information has been completely purged from the internet and replaced with opposite disinformation.

9 - The alleged gas chambers leaked like a sieve and the doors opened inward. How could you get the collapsed bodies out and how could you do it safely when there was no ventilation on the alleged gas chambers?

10 - The Soviets admitted that they built the chimney and added the gas canister holes in the alleged gas chamber roof at Auschwitz after the war. Another fact deleted from the internet and replaced with fact-check disinformation.

11 - It was physically impossible to cremate 6 million Jews in 5 years of the war in the alleged ovens the Germans had. The ovens and alleged Zyklon B gas were used for de-lousing clothes to stop the spread of Typhus.

12 - Where are the bodies/bone remnants of the 6 million? There is no evidence.

13 - If Jews are the victims of a Holocaust why are they ethnically cleansing Palestine including almost daily killings with impunity of Palestinians who are treated like animals? Israel killed more than 2,000 Palestinians in the 2015 conflict that included 450 children. The Israeli death toll was 32 and mostly from the Israel Defence Forces. Not a war as presented by the lying media but a slaughter.

14 - Why does Germany send back to jail for one more year a 93 year old German woman Ursula Haverbeck for denying the Holocaust for a second time in January 2022?

15 - Why did Israel send their special forces Mossad to arrest Nazi SS officer Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960, 15 years after the war ended? He was taken back to Israel and put on mock trial and hanged. I suggest to hunt down anyone who was a primary source and could testify the Holocaust narrative was a lie. The Nuremberg trials were a facade of justice with Nazi officers tortured into confession and the judges stacked with Jewry. Primaru sources of truth were hanged.

16 - Why is it that anyone who talks about Jewish supremacism (that is what it is) and/or excessive ownership of banks, media, film and music industry including the pornographic industry is attacked and vilified just for pointing it out. Kanye West is a good recent example. Kanye made a truthful statement that in his opinion Jews had used Black Americans as a tool to make money and had too much control by owning all three talent agencies in Hollywood and as a result had all his contracts cancelled. HIs bank account was shut down and he was vilified in the media under the orders of Jews non stop.

17 - Why has almost every city that matters have or is planning a Holocaust museum? With one coming to my home town of Brisbane Australia funded by tax payers. $3.5 million from the Queensland Government, $3.5 million from the Australian Government and $500k from the Brisbane City Council. The reason is the same as Climate Change and Covid-19. You need to keep repeating the lie over and over and over until the lie takes on a life of its own and the lie becomes categorical accepted truth then you march the children through and indoctrinate them.

18 - The United States Government is run by Zionist Jews and their non Jewish traitors in the CIA etc. In 1967 the Israeli Air Force attacked the USS Liberty that killed 32 United States serviceman. When the USAF went to help President Johnson ordered the back. Of course this is denied on the internet of disinformation as a tragic mistake. The reality is that President Johnson was a traitor to the United States and that furthermore Johnson and ex Israeli PM David Ben-Gurion were the driving force behind the assassination of JFK. Roosevelt was another traitor who knew the attack on Perl Harbour was imminent but did nothing for his World Jewry masters who wanted America in WW2 to destroy the cradle of White Western Civilisation Germany.

As investigative journalist, Christopher Bollyn stated the biggest trick of the supremacist Zionist Jews is to convince Americans and the West that Jewish interests and their interests are one when nothing could be further from the truth.

I don't hate anyone and the vast majority of the Jewish community are good people and probably believe the official narrative of the Holocaust but I will expose lies if I see them.

The fact that Israel kills Palestinians with impunity and treats them like they are sub-human and wild animals is testament to the nature of extremist Zionist Jews.

Some links here:

Anthony Lawson on the Nuremberg trials and the Holocaust: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YVy06UXtRSqJ/

One Third of the Holocaust documentary:


Nick Fuentes on the Jewish war on Kayne West:


Christopher Bollyn Israel CIA and 911:


In the Shadow of Hermes (graphic warning):


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"the blackmailers" are investors, they deal in fascism, fascists use any means possible to protect their business models and enhance profits, hold their lofty positions in society, including funding Nazis, communists, socialists, all the isms are fair game to them.

I was outside on a very clod 3 degree weather hunting deer yesterday, high wind and driving snow, two surprised my from behind, I didn't notice them until they were 5-6 feet of me. One of those moments when everything stood still. Very personnel. I was covered in snow and the old doe stared at me with her bulging brown eyes. I blinked my eyes and that's all she needed to see!

A loud warning shhhhew! And off she went. I was happy for her.

That's when I really made a mistake, talking to the camera about the experience when another deer was coming and heard me. That deer was lucky I am inexperienced with such matters. Hahahaha!

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A lot of evil interests and criminality masked by disgusting expensive hollywoodian show actions served on a tray to the entire world by the elected and the unelected players and corupted servants of the money, power and control game.

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