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The demonization of the unvaccinated was done to cover up criminal negligence of a vaccine that was killing and harming . They already knew it was killing and disabling but decided to cover that up. By using hate and demonizing the unvaccinated they could divert attention from the criminal intent to harm. White House and CDC caught in May 2021 as per FOIA. Naomi Wolf has the evidence. We all knew from researching observing the deaths and injuries worldwide right from tge beginning of the mass vaccination campaign. Facebook took down 150000 group of vaccine injured. They knew. They censored to cover up and demonized the unvaccinated to try and force up uptake to hide the injuries and death.

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I love your passion and your reason. Someone actually said 1/6 was the worst act of terror against the U.S? That's funny. It's the darn schools again -didnt teach him about the War of 1812, 9/11, Oklahoma City. And certainly didn't teach hm about the industrialist conspiracy to overthrow our government, kill FDR and replace him with a Mussolini-style dictator. That was in 1934. These same industrialists were involved in strengthening the Third Reich at the expense of the U.S. American boys died, shot with bullets provided by the Rockefellers, paid for by the Bush family. Don't recall that a one of them was prosecuted. Just another truth not taught in our nation's schools, but you can be sure they'll be learning the U.S. version of the truth about 1/6.

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Miles does excellent work on the whole January 6th PSY-OP. Also, this guy here does THE BEST ANALYSIS of January 6th (has a whole video) focusing on Babbitt. Did she really die or was she part of the PSY-OP? This will give you the answer.


- video analysis of the "shooting" of Babbitt. This goes well with Miles' paper.

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Noticing error I made. Please note correction: Her name is Elze van Hamelen possibly on a page titled De Andere Krant

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Agree! Thank you for that. I've already gobbled that series up but just heard about the movie The Murder of Fred Hampton from an interview by Elza van Hemelen with Mark Crispin Miller titled How to distinguish propaganda from information. I've found Mark's information to be quite helpful too in attempting to make sense of this madness. Thanks Karen! Really appreciate you and your work!

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I have ceased being able to describe what I have witnessed unfolding before my eyes. I am reading this essay at the very beginning of April 2022. Much of the narrative has changed - people are beginning to think it’s over but it’s not. We are simply in one of those lulls re the disease we are being given a breather before, no doubt, the next ghastly crisis is played out.

There are too many inconsistencies and lies for me to contemplate but the ‘vaccination’ of healthy children, not affected by the ‘disease’ with ineffective and unsafe gene therapy (there I’ve said it) is literally too horrific for me to contemplate especially when one believes the ultimate agenda is not in the interests of the human race.

I still hope that I’m wrong. That I have somehow over-reacted and that everyone else is right but, without wishing to sound arrogant, I fear that I am not wrong.

Thank you for putting into words so eloquently the fears that so many of us have about this current dystopia.

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Dear Karen,

First, thank you for your writings! Your words often hit at my core. I'm grateful for your talent and appreciate your willingness to share it.

In demonization of the unvaxxed you wrote, "Better to lie, better to have people die without the therapeutic drugs that could have saved them, better to let China off the hook, than to admit Trump was right about anything." *(Well said!)*.......skipping a lot......you continue "I haven’t finished my Netflix series. Have you seen it? What do you recommend I watch next?"

I strongly recommend the series titled Dopesick on Hulu. Hoping it'll inspire another one of your writings. So many parallels to the various industries (tobacco, sugar, "green" energy, etc. and the star, Big Pharma)

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I had a similar awakening, living in Lamia, Greece, for 14 months in 2012-2013. I watched the EU attempt to destroy that country, and in many ways they succeeded. I have many friends in France and they have stood strong. I moved out of downtown Portland, Oregon, in Aug 2021, and I also appreciate Andy Ngo, whose information helped keep me safe. I decided today that I would buy The Chronicles of Narnia and read it, and I thank you so much for the reference. Om shanti shanti shanti, let there be true inner peace. xooxoxoox

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Marvellous. I wasn't reading you yet at the time, but reading it now, it is a great piece indeed.

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Great read !! I live in a rural area in Canada . A place where I thought people questioned everything. But sadly most people have given in to the fear and propaganda. The small few who are speaking out are being shamed and demonized. People have lost a moral compass. I am very curious as to what you see as a way out of this insanity?

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What a brilliant, insightful, eloquent article. I got choked up at parts. I am heartbroken by what our country, the USA, has morphed into. I lay most of the blame on Obama who said he wanted to fundamentally transform America - and he has. However there are so many other earlier instances of where this country went astray, but the list is too long to mention here. I am not an anti-vaxxer myself however I question why other treatment protocols were repressed by the media. There are darker forces at work here. I just know that my beloved father who was a sergeant in WWII and who had to remain stateside because he was color-blind, would be rolling over in his grave knowing how the progressive left has raped our nation. Will G-d ever forgive us for our transgressions?

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What a pleasure to find a writer with her finger on the pulse and able to articulate so well what is happening. I am delighted to have found you, and each of your pieces are like a 5 course meal - I need to sit and savor and taste and sample and at the end of it all, I am satiated with thoughts and ideas and a sense of relief, that I have been fed and fed well. Thank you for your voice.

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All cheap authors always lock s on to religious matter or celebreties to make their book a best seller.

To become a best seller it's important to target controversial issues that is common sense thinking. Stay blessed always jhn

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Karen, this was such a comprehensive and insightful article. Your observations were spot on and reminded me of so many similar thoughts or opinions I've expressed over the past few years, especially during this covid saga. I think coherent, accurate writings like yours that rationally map out events, remind us that we are the sane ones who stand independently refusing to bow to the Matrix-like dictates of 'Obey, Consume, Sleep'.

The comments here also show that we're not alone and that despite the utter capitulation of the majority of political leaders, institutions and organisations to this path of self-destruction, there are still plenty of us who choose life, liberty and self-determination above all else.

If, as stated by Natural News, we are currently in stage 3 of the '5 Phases of Vaccine Compliance' (link below), then I think it is incumbent on each of us to connect with at least 12 others in our local vinicities who feel the same as we do and pledge to support each other when the pressure is intensified. We should be well-stocked up on food, water and supplies like any good prepper or Mormon, especially before Autumn 2021.


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Thank you for this.

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