I really appreciate the clarity of this essay in exposing how quickly so many have devolved into "attack the person", as in, "anti-vaxxer" or "Putin lover", rather than actually listening to another's view and questioning. It's so frustrating to send a loved on important information and have them not even open it b/c anything off-narrative is MISINFORMATION.

Also, really love that you have audio form now! Thanks so much for your excellent articles and the new audible format.

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Solid assessments here, Karen, appreciate you mixing geopolitical analysis with psychological ones. I also love that you give Dilyana some props for exposing the biolabs story for the last few years. I think she is finally getting noticed for her bravery when she has been ridiculed for so long.

A quick addition to the Babel comparison. Man’s desire to build a tower to the kingdom of heaven without realising that we can build heaven here on earth, is reminiscent of all these health policies and smart people with medical degrees in scientism playing god.

Thanks for the option to listen. You’ve inspired me to try the podcast option as well.

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