Removed from Instagram

Banned on Twitter, I am now close to getting banned on Instagram.

You can find me (at least for now) on Instagram HERE

My post sharing a link to my latest essay, HUSTLING HUMANS, How Obamacare turned the Rehab Industry into the Biggest Insurance Scam of Them All and How COVID made it Worse," was removed for HARMFUL FALSE INFORMATION.

Strange because the information in my essay came directly from MSM articles exposing the corruption in rehab facilities, which I quote in my essay. My statements that Covid made addiction worse came directly from the US government and the United Nations, which I quote in my essay. These facts are well documented and are not controversial.

I know I’m being targeted, but why? Did some earnest fact checker actually take the time to read my essay? I can’t imagine they do that—especially since my essays aren’t exactly short.

I’m just a small fry compared to so many others, so why take the time to censor me for something like this? When they remove a post, they lock your account and make it impossible for you to get back in unless you admit your sin—something I just talked with Hrvoje Moric about on TNT Radio. You can find the interview HERE. This coercion to admit fault when there is none is unpleasant to say the least.

Another thing, I’m confused as to why NOTHING HAPPENS to high profile accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who consistently share “disinformation” that would get me banned. I could name a lot of these accounts, but I won’t bother. What’s the deal with that? Are they bringing in too much money?