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Hello readers and listeners.

I have just recorded my essay WAR, which is extremely timely for today.

It was published on December 9, 2021, and it foresees the war in Ukraine, the potential of a smallpox pandemic and the battle over control of our DNA.

You can listen to it HERE

You can read it HERE


"...the grief of stepping over the corpses of history pressed upon my heart." - Yoko Ota

Professor Guo Jiwei of the third military medical university of the CCP, wrote a seminal book in which he spoke about "the war on the right to life." His premise was that in order to succeed in the future battlefield, the struggle for "birth right" needs to be realized, and the focus should be on the new battlefield of "biological territory."

Guo Jiwei states: "biotech will be positioned in the battlefield of the human body itself, targeted at people, limited to people, where it can attack parts or fractions of the human body, accurate to specific biological characteristics ..."

Can you say with certainty that your DNA or the DNA of your children hasn’t ended up in China, or with the military, or in some pharmaceutical lab?

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