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I NEEDED to hear this interview. I listened to it 2 days ago while cleaning a client's house. That one day, every other week, is the best time I have to catch up on listening to things.

I am continually juggling my belief in the centrality of Israel in history and prophecy and the realization of the corruption of the Israeli government (and the confusion of many Jews as they try to find their own way and make their own rules in defiance of God's Word - Tanach and the Messianic Writings). I always feel I need to give a disclaimer when I say I support Israel, yet I don’t want to perpetuate anti-Jewish ideas or sentiments, so I am always torn. Being very aware of “conspiracy theories” (reality happenings), I am suspicious of most everything, yet the Bible is clear about Israel. How do we bless Israel while not condoning sin…? It is such a conundrum.

I’m very troubled by some things I have seen online - particularly one title on an alternative media site that distorted the word Israel (El = God) into the place that those who are separated from God will spend eternity. I find it so troubling that I can’t bear to type it in and perpetuate that distortion. It seems like a serious affront to the God of Israel to do that.

I, too, have been very influenced by Dave Hunt. As an M.K., I didn’t grow up here in the States. I was not prepared for this culture when I came back after high school. I took a cults class during my freshman year in college, and I will forever be grateful that one of the books I got was The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt - my first introduction to him. I now have a bookshelf of Dave Hunt books, as well as East Wind by Ruth Hunt. I have been receiving The Berean Call monthly newsletter for probably about 20 years. Some of my copies are in binders, in order. The more recent ones are in order, but not in binders, as I ran out of space.

Dave wrote about my son once - I think in a newsletter - telling what my son did when faced with a hard knock he got.

In 2005, I ran into a difficult situation as a single mom, raising a boy with my mom, and Dave Hunt was the one I wrote to for advice. He replied with a personal letter - which I still have, of course. I hardly ever throw anything away. :) I plan to get it out and read it again soon, now that I’m thinking about it.

When the first break came up in the interview, Karen had just started to say something about Richard Wurmbrand’s son. She was going to say something about a visit or talk she had with him, I think, but the break interrupted the thought, and we never got the end of the story.

The Berean Call website is my go-to place for searching for information on the latest religious fad or things I hear about that sound questionable to me (like recently, The Chosen).

There’s more I could say, but maybe another time - specifically about Israel and a recurring thought that seems to be a good analogy for how to respond to God’s choice/selection of Israel for His purposes.

Thank you for the interview.

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This is just so wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I have been overwhelmed by the responses from people whose lives have been influenced by my dad. I'm so glad that you found Brea Free with Karen Hunt. There are a couple of essays where I talk about Richard Wurmbrand. You might enjoy this one: https://khmezek.substack.com/p/the-power-of-prayer. God bless you. I look forward to your comments.

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Loved your dad he came to Calvary Chapel Philadelphia many times...this podcast was thoroughly encouraging and uplifting ...thank you Jesus!!

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Thank you. Being relatively new here, that was quite helpful.

As for Israel's government,

Is. 9:16 The leaders of the people mislead them,

and those they mislead are swallowed up.

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