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James Roguski at substack has all the information to keep these families healthy. Be empowered by a hands off approach: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EnodiGobSQBm/

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Living in the UK our Healthcare system works entirely different. Our NHS - National Health Service is now called :

International Health Service as it seems to be provided care to everyone except us. I thought Obamacare was the best idea ! From reading Hustling Humans I see a very different & sad truth sadly. We must take good care of our children & grandchildren the further generations.

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It's still a side show, like the lethal injections.

Placing hope before trust/faith is suicidal:


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Just wow! I will never watch Intervention the same again.

No wonder they always report about a 10% recovery rate at the end of the shows.

Now I know the inmates really, are running the asylums.

Thanks for sharing,Karen.

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Don't forget that the BEST SCAM they still have running is the fraud surrounding "HTLV-III"/GRID successfully rebranded to "HIV"/AIDS.

This SCAM is today a multi-TRILLION OPERATION, with which they use MMS/3i's as a PROFIT source for the entire lifetime of the MMS/3i's as soon as a "test" turns "positive"!

Add to this one the current success of OPERATION COVIDIUS and don't think much about it!

So I can only declare that we, the herds of MMS/3i's, do deserve to be hustle...

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Some FUN news...

20AGO2022: Adderall Supply Crunch Reported At Hundreds Of US Pharmacies

Wall Street's favorite drug of choice is cocaine Adderall, a stimulant that allows traders, analysts, and bankers, working long hours to power through the day with maximum productivity, faces a critical "supply disruption."

16SET2022: Adderall Shortage Worsens As People Without Drug "Not Able To Focus", May Impact Productivity

Bloomberg spoke with a dozen patients in California, Indiana, and Michigan who were told by their local pharmacists at CVS Health Corp. or Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. about a worsening drug shortage.

"In some cases, patients were told they might have to wait more than a week to get their medication, which is supposed to be taken every day,"

Without drugs degenerate uman animals will start to cull each other... Even more!

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May 23, 2000


The US Congressional "Decade on Pain Control and Research" 2001-2011


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Wonderful series.

I’m a 54-yo “inactive addict”; I spent too many years either addicted or dependent to street drugs or physician-prescribed ones. Between the two, I’ve been most injured by the ones I got from a pharmacy, even when used “as prescribed”. Iatrogenic harm is VERY real. But that was before fentanyl became such a bit deal. Thankfully, I stopped using opiates a decade-plus ago, and unless I get terminal cancer or something equally painful, I intend to never take another.

While I was a witting victim of the overprescribing era, I fully object to the government’s crackdown on legitimate prescribing to chronic pain patients. Allowing people to needlessly suffer is obscene.

Drug rehabs have TERRIBLE success rates and are money pits. 12-Step programs aren’t any better but at least they’re free. Something I’ve noticed in particular is the messaging around drugs (including nicotine): we’re repeatedly told things like these substances are “almost impossible to quit,” that withdrawal is “almost worse than death,” that “only complete abstinence” should be the goal, and that “few, if any, can ever get clean on their own.” This is utter BS (at best) and brainwashing (at worst). The requirement to “hit rock bottom” before recovery can start is another terrible myth.

Ideally, we teach our children the danger of drugs, how they affect their brain, and to respect themselves; however, I had loving parents who couldn’t stop me from using. Once addiction kicks in, the best (and only) way to kick the habit is by making the decision not to use and sticking to it.

Sorry to jump around so much, but I’m thumb typing on my phone. Plus, this is such a big topic with so many tentacles that fitting everything into a comment is tough.

Good for you for addressing this issue! 👍🏼

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OBLIVIOUS (ob-LI-vious)

It is the blatant LIES  we are being fed on a daily basis, which keep the masses OBLIVIOUS to what would otherwise be blatantly OBVIOUS....



"We are faced with a breakdown of general social order and human values that threatens stability [and survival] throughout the world. Existing knowledge cannot meet this challenge. Something much deeper is needed, a completely new approach. I am suggesting that the very means by which we try to solve our problems is the problem. The source of our problems is within the structure of thought itself."

~ David Bohm (1981)


NOTHING will change fundamentally, until we fundamentally change the way we perceive and treat children. Until then, we will continue to see childhood adversity re-enacted upon EVERY aspect of society.

Furthermore, childhood adversity more often than not consists of imposing utterly INSANE societal standards of "normalcy" on children, to which they MUST conform, in order to survive, at a time when they are too young to understand and reject the madness being imposed on them.

The "masses" are essentially clueless and unaware of their own conditioning...

Aware Parenting website:



“The total neglect or trivialization of the childhood factor operative in the context of violence and the way it evolves in early infancy sometimes leads to explanations that are not only unconvincing and abortive but actively deflect attention away from the genuine roots of violence."

~ Alice Miller

Full article 👇🏼




"What kind of a society is it, that does NOT place the Children's Fire at the very centre of its institutions of power?

It's an INSANE society!"

~ Tim "Mac" Macartney


Please Watch this Video presentation:



Why males are more violent:



Dissolving my vaxxed illusions:



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It's Dr Robert Malone ... not Richard.

And I agree with your post 💯

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