Gods of Tech and Pestilence

The Men Who Rule the World

“Ah, the taste and feel of blood when all the passion and greed is sharpened in that one desire!” ~ The Vampire Lestat, Anne Rice

Back in the 90s I started a creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles. Most of the kids were from the inner city and belonged to gangs. All of them were facing life sentences for serious crimes. .

I will never forget Marlon telling the story of how he joined his neighborhood gang. 

He was about ten years old at the time, walking down the street with a friend who was twelve. Suddenly, around the corner came a group of boys carrying bats and knives. Marlon’s friend was in a gang, like pretty much every neighborhood kid, and these guys were in a rival gang.

His friend didn’t waste time philosophizing. He ran.  

“I had to make a choice,” Marlon said. “I could either run with my friend or I could stay there and get beat up, maybe killed. I ran, too. In that moment, by running, I joined my friend’s gang. Forever after that, the other guys were my enemies. That’s how simple it was. I didn’t like it, nobody does. But you do what you have to do. I mean, you have choices in life, but not really.”

When Marlon describes that defining moment, we can all relate because we’ve all had moments like this. We’ve all made choices we didn’t like, but felt pressured by circumstances, by society, whatever, into making them. Maybe the choices start small in the beginning. We might compromise our faith in some almost insignificant way, for example, but we really need a job, we have to put food on the table for our family. So it’s easily justified. Everyone else is doing the same thing, anyway. If you don’t play the game you won’t get ahead.

Then, the day comes when an opportunity to climb a little higher arises. And you do it. Even though you might have to compromise a little bit more of your integrity. With each step, something closes inside, growing harsher and darker. The choices become, not necessarily easier, but more justifiable as the stakes grow.

The higher you go up the ladder, in whatever gang you happened to have joined, the greater are the stakes, and the more you compromise your spirit. Most people can only go so far. Most people don’t have what it takes to climb to the top.

You have to figure that anyone in Washington DC has compromised themselves so much, they no longer have any freedom at all. They are owned by those who have bought them. Then, there are a few who have climbed so high, compromised so much that they are the ultimate gods of this world. They have lost their souls completely, the essence of what makes them human, in their drive for power and immortality.

They have tasted the possibility of being real gods. They therefore have the right, for the sake of us all, to turn and experiment on those beneath them.

These are the gods of tech and pestilence.

“ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” ( John 1:1) This is how the New Testament of the Bible starts.

In our present day, the wars that matter are fought not on battlefields but in the ether—the limitless clouds of the web. The gods of this earth control those clouds. They created the space for conversation, the rules by which we must play the game. With a flick of a finger, they can silence millions, refuse them food, clothing, housing. They can turn one group into the enemies of another group. They can addict us to drugs and feed us select information.

Like magicians in fairytales, they wave magic wands and worlds are created and destroyed. They grow rich from war, disease and human trafficking.

We used to rebel. Now we bow.

Perry Link addressed the tactics of the gods in this WSJ article:

“Many years ago a distinguished Chinese writer, Wu Zuxiang, explained to me that there is truth in Communist Party pronouncements, but you have to read them ‘upside down.’ If a newspaper says ‘the Party has made great strides against corruption in Henan,’ then you know that corruption has recently been especially bad in Henan. If you read about the heroic rescue of eight miners somewhere, you can guess that a mine collapse might have killed hundreds who aren’t mentioned. Read upside-down, there is a sense in which the official press never lies. It cannot lie. It has to tell you what the party wants you to believe, and if you can figure out the party’s motive—which always exists—then you have a sense of the truth.

“A few years ago another outstanding Chinese writer, Su Xiaokang, brought me one step deeper. You Westerners, he explained, are too hung up on the question of whether propaganda is true or not. For the regime, truth and falsity are beside the point. A statement might be true, false or partly true. What matters is only whether it works. Does it advance the interests of the party? The top leaders hand out words and phrases for their minions to use, like trowels in a garden. The minions dig with them.”

We, the minions, are now quite eagerly and with gusto digging along.

During the early 2000s when the writing program was starting to gain attention in Hollywood, I was invited to dinner at Les Duex Cafe, a trendy Hollywood restaurant and club. Seated next to me was an executive from Universal Studios/Canal +. He was a short, nervous Frenchman who proceeded to get quite drunk, at which point he effusively praised my work in juvenile hall.

Wanting to impress me with his good deeds, I suppose, he said, “In my company, if I see someone with talent, I help them to succeed. I, too, love to help the little people.”

The little people. Yes, he really said that.

I couldn’t resist answering with, “But what happens if one of those little people starts to get almost as big as you?”

His benevolent demeanor disappeared. His eyes turned cold as a serpent’s. “Then,” he said. “I destroy them.”

I learned a lot from that executive. Mostly, that I would never belong in his world nor would I ever want to. The more successful the creative writing program became, the more conflict I had with these people. In the end, I had no choice but to get out.

A few years later, I read a Los Angeles Times article, Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation and I had to smile to myself. I understood exactly what the article was talking about. It tells the story of a little boy named Justice who lives in the Niger Delta. He is one of millions who have received aid from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here’s part of the article:

“An ink spot certified that he had been immunized against polio and measles, thanks to a vaccination drive supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“But polio is not the only threat Justice faces. Almost since birth, he has had respiratory trouble. His neighbors call it “the cough.” People blame fumes and soot spewing from flames that tower 300 feet into the air over a nearby oil plant. It is owned by the Italian petroleum giant Eni, whose investors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

At the same time that the Gates Foundation has poured $218 million into polio and measles immunization and research worldwide, it has invested $423 million in Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Total of France -- the companies responsible for most of the flares blanketing the delta with pollution, beyond anything permitted in the United States or Europe.

You see, there is always the yin and the yang, the good and the evil, if you will. For whatever reason, this is the law of the universe in which we live. Understanding this helps us keep our compass straight.

It’s possible that these guys truly believe they are saving the planet. And certainly good is done along the way. It’s like an abuser who wants to marry you. They don’t tell you on the first date, “Oh, by the way, as soon as I hook you in I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp, rape you regularly, degrade you verbally, and you’re going to take it because I will have power over you. Now let’s kiss.”

No. They wine and dine you, they are charming, they can appear harmless. Along the way, little bits of disturbing behavior might break through, but the more invested you become, the more you justify that behavior to yourself. A seductive web of lies lulls you so sleep, the poison injected into your veins in ever increasing incriments.

This is what has happened to us over the past year and half. We have been lied to, abused, our rights taken away. Meanwhile the gods are well on their way to solidifying their power over us.

All the while telling us we need to be social justice warriors and give up our rights for the common good.

Just look at Elon Musk’s girlfriend’s Twitter rant.

“So, typically, most of the Communists I know are not big fans of AI. But, if you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path to communism. If implemented correctly, AI could actually theoretically solve for abundance…. Like, we could totally get to a situation where nobody has to work, everybody is provided for with a comfortable state of being, [a] comfortable living,” she said with a big smile.

The article goes on to say how everyone is baffled because she’s with one of the wealthiest guy on the planet. But they should not be baffled. This is exactly the plan. These people have complete disdain for all beneath them.

They want to own everything while you and I own nothing. We should bow down and happily accept this, like baby birds in a tree. Don’t take one false step, don’t try to fly, or you will fall out and crack your head open.

We will feed you just enough to keep you dependent.

This is the lie that many have come to believe.

The gods at the top aren’t liberal or conservative. They don’t have to be those things. That’s what you are. You must fit into a box so they can keep you there, controlled by buttons that they push, based on all the information they have gathered on you. They know what you are thinking, when you are thinking it. None of your thoughts are sacred.

Our government officials, all the way up the food chain to Joe Biden, along with our media pundits and “experts” like Fauci, are sharks in a dangerous sea. They swim about looking for smaller fish to eat, in order to impress the even bigger sharks, in hopes they won’t be eaten themselves but will continue to be useful in the pecking order.

The higher you go in the pecking order, the more you will have eaten those beneath you, and the more your soul is compromised. You wonder why the elite are so adept at manipulating fear? Because they are filled with fear themselves. They fear death and the reckoning it might bring. What if there is a God above them? Like the Bible says, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

They turn on those beneath them, wanting the minions to feel even more fear compared to theirs. That is how they feel better about themselves.

“Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations that've long since bought and paid for, the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pocket, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and the information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. That doesn't help them.” ~ George Carlin

So, who owns us all? Who are the gods—those who are so consumed by greed and avarice, so filled with fear of dying and the unknown, that they are willing to give up every last bit of themselves to their search for immortality?

Here are the four richest, most powerful people in the world:

Jeff Bezos @177 billion; Elon Musk 151 billion: Bill Gates @124 billion; Mark Zuckerberg 97 billion.

You might notice a glaring irony in that all of them are men and all of them are white. This fact, right here, should dispel all the myths they have been feeding us.

If, for example, we are being told that White Supremacy is the most serious terrorism threat facing the West today—not China—maybe we should ask ourselves why a bunch of white guys would feed us this information when they represent the epitome of the demons we are being taught to rage against.

If we are being told that socialism is the way of the future, when in actuality, that narrative is being controlled by a bunch of guys who are the embodiment of capitalism, maybe we should think about that, too.

If we are being told there should be no more genders, we should allow small children to permanently alter themselves and we should all make it clear the pronouns we use, by men who will never have to tell anyone they go by “he” and “him,” are “cis white males,” and would never stoop to admitting they suffered from “white fragility,” where’s the logic in that?

It’s ludicrous that we should believe such rubbish when between the four of them, these men have built their reputations on portraying the stereotypical movie version of the nerdy male; have maintained traditional western values in their marriages; have been seen in public with beautiful women draped on their arms as eye-candy; have been known to hobnob with the likes of Epstein; and have had their fair share of extramarital affairs.

If we are being told by these guys that we should do as they say, not as they do, we might ask ourselves how is this in our best interests?

Let’s look a bit further at Bill Gates. Only now are we getting some insight into his human side. But don’t think this isn’t being revealed for a reason—perhaps to take the focus off of the obvious truth, that he, along with his buddies in the billionaire’s club, are megalomaniacs who didn’t get there by caring about anyone but themselves. Because let’s face it, anyone whose fortune is greater than the GDPs of many nations, whose companies more closely resemble sovereign countries, of which each founder is its imperial ruler for life and answerable, really, to no other government on the planet, by definition, without a shadow of a doubt, lacks a moral compass.

“He’s Darwinian,” former Microsoft exec Rob Glaser has said of Bill Gates. “He doesn’t look for win-win situations with others, but for ways to make others lose.”

According to a discrimination lawsuit filed against Microsoft in 2015, “the flagrant and repeated incidents of sexual misconduct toward women at Microsoft reflects the corporate culture in which women are undervalued and underpaid.”

A suit, dismissed at the end of last year, contains allegations that the company is a place where women are “ignored, abused or degraded,” where staffers were called “p—y” and “c—t,” and that female employees lodged 238 complaints with HR, 108 about sexual harassment and 118 gender discrimination suits.

Harvey Weinstein can be a fall guy, but not Bill Gates. When Weinstein fell, people were beginning to ask too many questions. Weinstein must have made some pretty bad enemies because down he went. And everyone else heaved a sigh of relief. At that time, lots of people discussed online that it was obvious there were pedophilia rings amongst the powerful, But once Weinstein was trotted out, tarred and feathered and put away, suddenly that talk had to stop.

Now, merely suggesting there might be organized pedophilia activities in high places will get you accusations of being in QAnon. A whacko. Meanwhile, life amongst the stars goes on as it always has.

Perhaps we will look back one day to realize that those two words, “conspiracy theory,” have been used to destroy more truths than almost any others words.

Bill Gates owns massive parcels of farmland. He is a new kind of feudal lord, renting out to farmers. Gates wants to dictate to us what we will eat. He wants us to eat fake meat for the good of the planet. You can be sure that won’t be what he is eating. About 40 percent of farmland is owned by seniors 65 or older, according to 2014 estimates by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, meaning more farmland is expected to come on the market soon. Who do you imagine will be buying up the land of all these elderly, now being killed off at a higher rate than anyone else thanks to COVD? Men like Gates. Not to mention Gates's nefarious relationship with Monsanto. It’s not a conspiracy theory to suggest that Monsanto and Bill Gates are conspiring to take the world’s food supply hostage.

There was a time not long ago when if someone had told us we would be paying five dollars for a plastic bottle of water we wouldn’t have believed it. Companies are buying up water the same way they are buying up land. Let’s take Fiji water, its plastic bottles are produced by diesel-run generators in China. Many of these bottled waters are not any cleaner than tap water, and some are worse. But no matter. We have been taught to buy them, just as we have been taught to buy drinks like Coca-Cola which are essentially poison for our bodies.

Billionaires feed us all of this garbage, claiming they want to save the planet and us. But this is an insult to us and the planet.

Billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars during the pandemic. From March to June 2020, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth rise by an estimated $48 billion. Do not imagine for one moment that these men care about getting us vaccinated for our own good. They care about it for their own good, as I talk about in my essay The Demonization of the Unvaxxed.

We have seen this happen over and over in disasters in the past, so why would we believe any different now? Yet amazingly, many have submitted themselves to the authority of the government, blindly believing what they are told.

During the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, only 2.5% of the $195 million of relief funds went to Haitian companies. Much of the rest was awarded to DC-based construction companies.

Yes, it’s happened over and over. But this time, it’s global. We are now being prepped for the next pandemic, or maybe it will be a climate disaster. The sun will need to be dimmed, as Gates says. Like some mad scientist, he can hardly contain his glee at doing this.

Mark Zuckerberg influenced elections, taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to justify funneling money to the tune of 500 million to Democrat-dominated municipalities and their elections efforts for the benefit of Joe Biden. Parents across the country are only now waking up to the fact that they need to get involved at a local level in elections; that their school boards have been highjacked.

If we behave ourselves as good social justice/green energy warriors, we will be assured of safety during dangerous times. Spout the State propaganda. Give up our rights, for the good of all.

The hypocrisy is astounding. The deal-making among the elite frenetic.

Take a look at the infrastructure plan. According to the White House's fact sheet, the bill proposes spending $174 billion on electric vehicles.

Sounds great. How convenient then that Al Gore and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm both have major stakes in a company called Proterra. Gore’s investment firm raised $55 million in financing for the electric battery company in 2017, Just recently, Gore spoke with Biden to lobby the White House on keeping climate policy as a focus of his infrastructure proposal, which is expected to include major subsidies for green energy companies like Proterra. Knowing that some Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), were resisting, Granholm's agency awarded one of Manchin's top donors with a $1 million grant. Nice.

Solar, wind, bitcoin, electricity; all so much better for the environment. Really? Lithium-ion battery manufacturers currently utilize cobalt, a toxic and hazardous mineral in their batteries. Cobalt has become the new ‘conflict mineral’ because of human abuses and child labor practices in cobalt mining operations. 

We could equally talk about the huge amount of energy needed to mine for bitcoin, the destruction to land, animals and birds caused by wind energy and the difficulty of recycling solar energy materials.

Modern day slaves work in the mines. Bitcoin mining resembles some nightmarish science fiction world. In locations like the Himalayas, you will find hydro plants built right on the site of the power station itself, often with cables drawing power straight from the station rather than the national grid. Within these humble buildings, often many miles from any form of public transportation, you find lines of microprocessors, cooled incessantly by dozens of fans; and basic dormitories where workers would stay for weeks at a time, working in the dark.

Closer to home, we have Jeff Bezos and the horror stories of Amazon workers peeing in bottle and trash cans due to tight schedules and shamed to keep working when they are sick, not to mention earning so little that many are on food stamps.

What is the ultimate goal of all of this? It is to transcend humanity.

But not for you and me. Those of us lucky enough not to be weeded out through population control, will live in cubicles in massive cities and not have to work anymore. Others will be the slaves performing the lowest of jobs, such as in the mines.

All so that the gods can focus on finding the path to immortality.

In Mark O’Connell book To Be a Machine, he says, “It is their belief that we can and should eradicate ageing as a cause of death; that we can and should use technology to augment our bodies and our minds; that we can and should merge with machines, remaking ourselves, finally, in the image of our own higher ideals.”

Elon Musk warns that since AI threatens to become smarter than the humans who created it, our only recourse is to meld with machines, becoming one with them. This will allow us to migrate to outer space and take us that much closer to immortality.

He talks of this with a light in his eyes, like a little boy who is still a dreamer. It’s very charming. And in fact, I dream of this, too. Who doesn’t? We all want to see the end of pain and suffering. We all want to overcome death and fear of the unknown.

It’s so tantalizing. To be in the presence of such power, to touch the stars. What would any of us give to experience what these four billionaires are experiencing?

One of my favorite books is Interview With the Vampire. It starts with such intensity. The vampire Louis suffers guilt for how he has lived, feeding off of humans in order to maintain his immortality. Unlike most vampires, he still retains a wisp of humanity, a sliver of his soul. He decides to tell his story to a young journalist, thinking that perhaps he can redeem himself by saving others from desiring his evil path. The journalist is a cocky fellow and doesn’t really take any of it seriously. But he’s just curious enough to listen and he has nothing better to do anyway.

And then, the vampire turns on the light.

“The vampire was utterly white and smooth, as if he were sculpted from bleached bone, and his face was as seemingly inanimate as a statute, except for two brilliant green eyes that looked down at the boy intently like flames in a skull. But then the vampire smiled almost wistfully, and the smooth white substance of his face moved with the infinitely flexible but minimal lines of a cartoon. ‘Do you see?’ he asked softly.”

Yes, the boy does see. And he believes. Now, he really wants to do the interview. He turns on his tape recorder and listens.

The rest of the book is the vampire telling the story of his life.

As the night ends, the vampire is spent, having given everything of himself in the telling. Surely, his story will save others!

And yet, after all of that, what does the boy say?

“’Give it to me!’ said the boy, his right hand tightening in a fist, the fist pounding his chest. ‘Make me a vampire now!’

The vampire is aghast. Yet, the boy is only doing what he, himself, did on that night so long ago. We each must learn from our own path and experience life for ourselves. Which one of us when presented with the possibility of immortality wouldn’t say the same as the young journalist—make me a vampire!

The vampire gives the boy what he wants and drinks his blood.

“The vampire stood looking down at him, and his white skin became a soft luminous pink. The flesh of his lips were dark, almost rose color, and the veins of his temples and his hands were mere traces on his skin, and his face was youthful and smooth.

“‘Will I …die?’ the boy whispered.

“‘I don’t know,’ the vampire said, and he smiled.”

The vampire doesn’t know if the boy will live or die and he doesn’t care. The boy will not become a vampire. He does not have the strength for it. Very few are chosen for immortality and those who try and fail suffer terrible fates.

We all dream of immortality, we wouldn’t be honest if we said otherwise. For many, the hope of life after death comes through faith in the one God above all others.

Like Marlon, we all make choices along the way, trying to get ahead, fit in, be a little safer, a little more secure. And each choice determines every choice thereafter. Lest we think there is no way to overcome such obstacles, Marlon did his time in prison, got out and went on to become an attorney. He turned his back on the connections he had in the world in which he was raised and forged a new path—with its own unique choices and challenges.

The next step in humanity’s journey could well be transhumanism. To that end, we are all pawns in the hands of the gods of tech and pestilence. Already athletes can replace parts of themselves, leading to incredibly enhanced performance. Looked at like this, it becomes clear why the big push for transgenderism. Accepting that biological boys calling themselves girls and competing against biological girls is perfectly natural and fair leads to no more individuality, just neutrality.

Following the silver threads of the web we see how it all weaves together so perfectly.

This is why we are told to work together for the common good. This is why we are walking like zombies down the path of lies, taking our medication, believing the gods can save us from the fear and chaos they have engineered upon us, always hopeful that maybe, just maybe, if we are very well-behaved, the gods will lift us up a little bit to reach a higher plane.

We are the sustenance of vampires.

We can still rebel. We have the chance. But at what cost to the human race? Do we want to truly save the planet by staying trapped here forever, blending with the ordinary cycle of life and death? Being human? Or do we want to exploit the planet, own it, mold it to our will…and then move on to do the same in space?

By we, I mean the collective we. There is no more I.

Except for the gods.

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