Davos Highlights

It’s a big week in Switzerland! Here’s a couple of highlights.

The World Economic Forum is holding its annual meeting in Davos. As per my essay Bitcoin: The Dirty Business of Clean Energy, top officials are making mincemeat of cryptocurrencies calling it a “pyramid scheme,” “worth nothing” and “not reliable”. Since writing my essay, cryptocurrencies have continued to take a beating. No surprise since they are in direct competition with the CBDCs that governments are intent on introducing, following China’s example.

In an executive order, President Biden on Wednesday has urged the federal government to research and develop a digital dollar.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said, “When somebody promises you a 20% return on something that is not backed by any assets, what would we normally call this? We would call it a pyramid.”

The WHO is holding global health talks about the Pandemic Treaty. In December 2021, they agreed a new agreement was needed. You can read more about what that entails in my essay, The WHO's Gates of Hell. Remember that the goal is to reach the final draft in 2024. Timing is everything.

Monkeypox—but don’t worry, it will probably only affect gay men who could well need to be vaccinated. Really, are we going back to the 1980s? You might want to catch up by reading my essay The Victimization of Dr. Fauci and the Resurrection of HIV to find out more about this mess Dr. Fauci got us into.

Can we expect the rollercoaster ride we’re on to get wilder? Somehow, I think so.